A single idea put into motion can turn the world in a different direction.

A single idea put into motion can turn the world in a different direction.

WHo is Electric Moon?


At the inauguration of EMoon in 2008, our business model was that of a royalty-based ePublishing company. Now, the stride of EMoon reaches far beyond e-books only.

The services we offer are a writer's buffet - less the runny-nosed kid who licks all the spoons. Instead, we supply a pure, fresh approach to publishing. Simplified and brought directly to you for your convenience.

Electric Moon is run by authors. Therefore, we know what an author would want - quality end products with rights and profits from sales. Essentially, EMoon burdens all the risk; the possibility of one of YOU landing on the New York Times' Bestseller List!

Our conclusion: it is worth every penny, every hour, every hand cramp. We relish the possibility that you will top the charts. And when you do, we plan to sit back, wipe our tears, perform the slow clap, and say, "Remember when..."

Then we will brag about how we helped you on your journey to stardom!

The team at EMoon is first class. Their work is high quality and they are wonderful to deal with!
— Adam Toler, Owner, Dust Jacket Press


Our mission at Electric Moon is to pursue, refine, and publish quality written work, and to glorify God by serving our authors with Biblical principles. Manuscripts typically published through EMoon are Christian or PG-rated general market. If EMoon's mission resounds with you and you have an item you have tapped out through your computer keyboard or spent endless nights penciling onto a lined notebook, then contact us! We would enjoy discussing the future of your work.

Photo by Leonard Mc Lane/DigitalVision / Getty Images

Photo by Leonard Mc Lane/DigitalVision / Getty Images


What makes us unique

Unlike other popular online publishing houses, EMoon walks with you through the publishing process. We discuss your best options as you choose services, submit materials, publish and move into marketing. If you desire, we will call you on the phone and send you personal emails to ensure you feel confident in your decision.

With EMoon, there is no need to click countless buttons, little chance exists of getting lost on our website, and unless we are in a remake of War Games, there will be no direct communication with computers. Instead, each author teams up with an EMoon associate who works to help accomplish set goals. 

Authors assisting authors; person-to-person. That is what EMoon is all about. 

Simply contact us and we can begin the author services you desire.

Most importantly, EMoon strives to do business with integrity and truth.

"Commit your works to the LORD and your plans will be established," - Proverbs 16:3 NASB

The team


Laree Lindburg (Owner/Manager): Before her sole procurement of Electric Moon Publishing, LLC., Laree signed with a literary agent and published devotions and articles. She has worked as a grant writer for a non-profit project, a technical writer for a media company, an e-book design expert for various publishing companies, and a ghostwriter, re-writer, and editor for a law firm. 

The EMoon team has assisted over 100+ clients in various stages of publishing and business development. Laree and her crew operate a full-service, custom publishing place for indie authors, ministries, and organizations. And they all look forward to meeting you!  

Becky, lead developmental editor/middle grade and YA expert (content edits, reviews, and writing): - Becky is crazy skilled at writing and is currently working on a three-part series for middle readers.

Lyn, lead designer (cover and interior design) - For some reason, Lyn is our friend. She's way cooler than us and a super talented designer having worked with some of the biggest traditional publishers in the business.

Lee, acquisitions editor/lead copy editor (reviews, copy editing, and writing) - Lee's a rock star in the editing and writing realm. EMoon is privileged to be able to tap into his mad skills.

Zach, lead proofreader (proofreading, editing, writing, and web design) - With a background in journalism and marketing, Zach offers a sharp eye to every project.

Kathy, lead children’s editor (editing, reviews, proofreading) - Kathy has a background in children's education and literature and lends her experience to authors of such titles.

Alyssa: (cover design, logos, and illustration) - One day, Alyssa hopes to own an elephant. I know. We have tried to tell her. Until then, she offers our authors depth and range in design and illustration.

Erin: (ePublishing, PR) - A Nancy Drew / Scooby-Doo mystery lover, Erin will happily substitute breakfast food at any meal all while formatting your e-book for publication.

Doug: (illustrations, layout, and design) - This guy has a wealth of experience in design, layout, and illustration. He’s a one-man band. :)