Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Ever been that person in a meeting, classroom, or conference who has a ton of questions? Scribbles line your notepad, circles border keywords in the text in front of you, and highlighter stains mark your fingers. You look around wondering, "Does anybody else notice the gaps here? Man, this doesn't make sense . . ." 

If the above description sounds like a big piece of familiar, then this page is dedicated to you—the continual learner, searcher, and visionary. Our hats are off to every one of you who finds the journey of discovery endless and amazing while the rest of us shrug and wait for you to return with all of the answers.

Our list of FAQ's is not exhaustive, yet it does come directly from genuine, inquiring persons. And our responses are what we told each of them. Hope it helps!

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What is the difference between an e-book and paperback? pros and cons?

E-books are digital books. They are popular, but not as much as paperbacks. When an author publishes both an e-book and paperback/hardback version of their title they benefit the reader. Many consumers will own each version of a single title. E-books tend to be cheaper than paperbacks, which make them a quicker sale. One of the vendors we use to sell e-books through offers a coupon generator where an author can issue a code with an end date for either a percentage off or free on the purchase of their e-book.

When does emoon like to start A project?

EMoon is poised to begin working with you as soon as you are ready. We do ask to see a sample of your manuscript before we begin to give us a feel of your style, voice, any editorial needs and to be certain we are a good fit for one another.

what is the ideal length of a book emoon publishes?

That depends more upon your audience. EMoon can publish most anything, with a few exceptions. We can discuss more about options available. Some cool features like foil stamping, spot gloss, or embossing/debossing look great, but can be cost prohibitive unless you are adding to a sizable print run (like quantities in the thousands).

dOes emoon publish COLLABORATIVE BOOKS?

Yes, we can do collaborative or compilation books--multi-author devotionals, etc. We enjoy the unique and custom project.


You have ALL the input because you are an indie author--the owner of your book rights stays with you. The style, look, and content of your book is yours to change or retain. EMoon will be your guide offering suggestions, otherwise, it is all up to you.

Does emoon set the price of the book?

You determine the price. EMoon will suggest a price, however, the author gets the final say. A price can be easily changed with e-books.

Once published do i have full rights to sell copies at events or on my website?

Yes, you do and you will want to utilize the privilege of owning the rights to your written work by sending sales to your personal website or selling at the back table during events. All EMoon authors retain full rights. You can, and should, sell your books wherever and whenever you can.

What does Electric Moon Publishing need from me to get started on the publishing process? written Pages, ideas, concepts?

Before a publishing agreement is signed, we will first review your manuscript and inform you of editorial needs. This will help to shape your print quote, which comes next. After you have determined what services you desire, we move toward discussion of ideas and the signing of a publishing agreement. The more you can tell us and show us about your project the better! We can be a sounding board for all of your thoughts. Once you have decided to ‘go’ with EMoon and have signed a contract to work with us as your custom publisher, you receive unlimited access and consultations throughout your project. EMoon knows what authors want/need because we've been there ourselves.

What are the start-up costs?

EMoon is a custom publishing partner for indie authors, ministries, businesses, and organizations. Therefore, we charge a fee for our services (e-book publishing, paper/hardback publishing, interior design, cover design, editing, proofreading, ISBN/barcodes [ISBN's are through our EMoon imprint], marketing, distribution, etc.). This is because you, the author, retain all of your intellectual property rights and therefore all of your royalties. EMoon maintains an ongoing relationship and cross-promotional friendship with all of our authors after the presses cool. We aren’t going anywhere! 

What are the profit margins, royalties, and company pay?

With EMoon, you retain all profits made. We think this is very important for an author and a growing, popular trend in the industry. That said, unless you are selling to the consumer directly, like paperback sales at a speaking event or e-book sales directly off your website, then you will have retailers retaining a bit of your sales profit. 

What do deadlines look like?

Once we are truckin' down the publishing road, EMoon will be your collaborator and let you know if that deadline is doable or when a deadline is approaching. We will do our best to help you set sustainable goals and achieve those benchmarks.

is there marketing provided? Distribution offered?

EMoon can wrap a promotional video, press release, custom printable .pdf marketing sales sheet (to give to libraries and bookstores) as well as a custom .pdf banner for book signings and speaking engagement tables into your publishing package upon request. Specialty designs such as those for bookmarks and postcards are available too. EMoon also provides in-kind marketing through our social media accounts. If more marketing is desired, we have a department which can provide specialized marketing (mainly through social media) for a customized price.

On the distribution side, EMoon has an account through Anchor Distributors who puts qualifying* author’s titles in front of major wholesalers and retailers. Here’s a sneak peek: Family Christian, Mardel, CBD, Choice, Lifeway, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Anconnect (Walmart / Sam’s Club), Baker & Taylor, Bookazine.

Website design and creation is available as well as branding and logo services.

*Qualifying titles are Christian in nature or clean, general market books

What is emoon's involvement with the book after publication?

EMoon enjoys remaining in contact with each of our authors! We continue to promote and use our authors’ covers and content to market long after your books have shipped. We attend several writers conferences in the Midwest where we display the books we have helped publish as well as on our website and other media platforms. Our authors keep in touch and often return to use our services. 

Does emoon have a plan for success for each author?

EMoon may not financially benefit from an author who sells millions of copies, but we truly want to see each author become a best seller in their genre, and we strive to help you do so. We want to get to know each author personally along with his/her goals for publishing and marketing. Some authors want to keep it small and give books away. Others want to shoot for the moon and sell thousands. We'll discuss which avenue best fits you.

is there a launch team or group who would read the book first and make comments?

EMoon encourages forming a trusted team to launch your book. Much success can come from a well executed book launch. We suggest you find alpha readers and beta readers prior to print. If you have already had many people read your work and feel confident, great! Because it would be costly to back up after printing to revise files, we try to catch any errors or changes prior to that point. You (and/or EMoon)will receive one physical proof (hard proof) and/or digital proof (soft proof) of your book to look over, show others, share with friends. Then once you are good (and we have to be somewhat quick) we fix any errors or continue on to print.