Page-to-screen is an industry term used to describe the process where a complete manuscript or published book is translated to a screenplay for film, streaming content, or television.  There are many levels to this process which include a variety of steps. Evaluation, pitch, matching to a network, and script writing are just a small portion of what is involved with turning a book into a film.

Here are a few FAQ's to get you started:

IS IT FREE? Unfortunately, we are unable to offer this service for free. Our network of film experts, screenwriters, producers, etc. are all professionals in the industry and we value their time. We would never ask them to do this as a favor or a freebie and we don’t think you would want that either. We do, however, understand budget limitations. We are prepared to arrange custom packages and prices that span a wide variety of options. We hope that something in our wheelhouse will work for you. Please contact us via the form below if you have any additional questions or wish to begin the process of page-to-screen.

DO I HAVE TO BE A PUBLISHED AUTHOR THROUGH ELECTRIC MOON PUBLISHING IN ORDER TO USE THIS SERVICE? Absolutely not! Electric Moon is our underwriter, but we are an independent service of our parent company which means that we can work with anyone. Any and all movie ideas are welcome!

IF I WORK WITH YOU, AM I GUARANTEED A MOVIE DEAL? As we are not a production company, we can’t guarantee you will get a film offer. There are just too many moving parts that run outside of what we do to ensure that each person receives a film deal.

What we do guarantee is that we will always evaluate every project with integrity and be honest with you about the potential and options. We have discovered that there are several page to screen services that are preying on authors with purely money-making schemes.  This is not why we do this. Our professionals are interested in working with authors and upcoming voices in the publishing industry. We will not clutter their desks or take up their time with projects that we do not feel will go anywhere just so we can get a paycheck. Though we do charge for our services, we will never upsell you or push you into the next level unless we feel that it is something that actually has a chance.

To be honest, most manuscripts/pitches/books do not even make it past the initial review process and even fewer on to pitching. We will be honest with you from the start as we respect not only our professionals and their time, but yours as well.

WHAT DO I GET? At the end of this process, depending what services you have chosen and the potential of the project, you will end up with a professional evaluation of your book or manuscript, an idea of what could be done with that project (and what networks that it might fit) and, if you choose, we will provide you with a full-fledged professional pitch package. If all of this happens and one of our agents expresses an interest in taking it further, then we will move to the pitching process.

CAN WE PAY TO PITCH DIRECTLY TO YOUR CONNECTIONS? No. We do not charge to pitch. Ever. In fact, we caution you to avoid any company that charges you for pitching or for meetings. That’s a pay to play set up and we do not and will not work that way.

WHAT ABOUT A SCREENPLAY? In most cases, we will not charge you to write a screenplay. This is similar to asking an author if they will just sit down and write you a book. The process we have set up ensures that if there is interest in a screenplay, you (the author) would not have to pay us for that. If things progress to that point, then someone else (investor, production company, network, etc.) would pay the writer for that piece. In most cases, this expense is rarely something the author has to pay.

IS THERE A CONTRACT INVOLVED? Yes. If your idea makes it to the post-review level, then you will sign a contract with us. This agreement is to ensure everyone is treated fairly in the cooperation of film/TV pitching and potential production.

WHO HEADS UP THE REVIEW AND PITCHING PROCESS? Our lead screenwriter and industry veteran is Lori Twichell. Lori comes armed with 20+ years of book review, film marketing, page-to-screen evaluation, and screenwriting experience. She is the friend of producers, directors, and investors from throughout the industry including, but not excluded: 

A seasoned book reviewer, Lori runs Fiction Addict and co-owns Radiant Lit, both which offer book and film review services for authors and industry professionals. Through her book review service she's has also worked closely with many traditional publishers like Tyndale, Random House, Zondervan, and more.  


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