Why I Chose the Self-Publishing Route

By Miranda Sherman, speaker and author of The Mighty Fork: Healing Your Mind and Body with Food


Writing is not my strong suit.  Ask me to speak in public and I’m pretty great.  I love getting up in front of a group of people and talking about healing, food and God.  But as a writer, I need lots of help. 

I am a Nutrition Educator and I teach in many venues informing audiences about why what we eat matters and how food can heal us.  Class participants are always fascinated and I have been asked many times over the years if I have a book.  I had decided to try to oblige my followers and began to write my book about three years ago.  I had a very rough draft written down, but knew I just didn’t know anything about the publishing world. 

I attended writer’s groups and had even taken some classes at the local community college on how to publish a book.  Let me just say that the entire publishing process seemed daunting.  When I discovered that I had to write a book proposal, research my market, map out a marketing plan, and have a “platform” online and with social media before a big publisher would even talk to me, well that sounded like more work than writing the original book!

That was about the time that I met Laree and Electric Moon Publishing.  We met at a Christian writer’s conference but I still wasn’t sold on the whole idea of self-publishing.  But, Laree met with me after the conference and really captured the vision of what I was trying to write.  For every skill that I knew I didn’t have, EMoon had the expertise that would get me to where I wanted to be.   I, being the stubborn person that I am, continued to try to work on my book on my own but would get stuck on critical elements.  Finally, out of true frustration, I contacted Laree again and said, “This time I’m serious…I need your help to get this book DONE!”  She came to the rescue.

I had a tight deadline that I had given myself and boldly scheduled a book launch with no completed book.  That date on the calendar became the target and I can’t tell you how hard everyone at EMoon worked to get my book finalized by that date.  It was work to be sure and everyone had to do their part (including me) but we did it.  One week before my deadline, I had my book proof in hand.

It is so exciting, humbling, and rewarding to have your book published.  The funny thing about writing—all I can think of is my next book.  I’m thrilled with the final product and I get so many compliments from my readers about how professional the final product looks.  It’s been a God-send and a blessing working with Laree.  There are still a few books left in me and I am positively certain that Laree will be my future publishing partner for book number two.