Five Basic Marketing Tips

So let's say you've written a great book, you've gotten it published through Electric Moon, and you're ready to promote your message to the world. What’s next?

While there are myriad ways you can begin to build your platform as an both author and speaker, there are several truly effective ways that we can recommend. 

:: Build a Website :: In the information-driven age that we live in, one of the most effective tools for an author is to build a website. Having your own website gives you the opportunity to present yourself, your writing, and your message to the world in exactly the manner you choose. Having said that, we also encourage you to build a website that is both professional and aesthetically pleasing for your potential readers. An excellent presentation goes a very long way toward respectability.

:: Buy Ad Space :: For little to no money at all, Google, AdWords and Facebook offer fantastic opportunities to market and share your book(s) with family, friends and beyond.

:: Start a Blog :: One of the absolute best ways to build your platform in this day and age is to host your own blog and post to it regularly. Building a following is easier when people can read for themselves how much of an expert you are. Also, while many web-marketing/blogging gurus will tell you that “Content is king,” we’d like to add: “Great content will keep people coming back.” Be sure you update your blog often. You'll be surprised how many people will read what you write if your writing is great! 

:: Use Viral Video Sites :: Viral video sites like YouTube and Vimeo have altered information sharing and web-marketing like no other phenomenon. Having a video book trailer created for your book and offered for viewing on sites like these is a tremendous tool for promoting your message or story. The combined impact of sight and sound can do more than tell people about your book - it can create an emotional response to your book that your potential readers will carry with them long after they've forgotten an article or thrown away a flyer. And with services like Vimeo, you can easily have the video link back to your own website to draw people further in. We realize it isn't to every author's taste to have a video trailer created for their work, it is important to remember that you want to reach as wide an audience as possible, and video is a powerful tool for connecting people to your message emotionally. 

:: Good Old-Fashioned Word of Mouth :: The title pretty much says it all.  Nothing sells your work better than you! You are your best advocate and promoter.  Talk about your book in timely locations and arenas. Carry a few books with you or the coupon code to your eBook online. Encourage your readers to write positive reviews. Share your work through Internet social media and idea exchange sites such as Twitter, StumbleUpon, Pinterest and others. While these are just a few suggestions, we highly recommend that you take advantage of the many tools available to you in promoting your work.

If you have any questions or need direction, don't hesitate to ask an eMoon associate. It is our goal to point you and your writing career in the right direction.