All authors have been there. Opposite the computer. Head at rest in the palm of your hand. A glass-eyed stare toward the monitor. Writer's block. All you need is someone to assist you in writing what is on the tip of your tongue.

Or maybe you are not a writer. Perhaps you do not have the time to be a writer. But great ideas fall from your mouth faster than saliva from Pavlov's dogs.

Possibly you are a well-known individual and the publication of your memoir would be a best-seller. All you need is someone to record and coordinate those thoughts and/or memories.

Either way, Electric Moon's team of capable writers are poised to assist in any circumstance.

We offer writing support in the areas of ghostwriting, rewrites, business writing, technical writing, and content writing.

Contact an eMoon writer today - we would enjoy discussing what you have in mind.


  Photo by dmark/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by dmark/iStock / Getty Images

A priority of Electric Moon is to publish quality written work. Sometimes, as writers ourselves, we realize the need of another set of eyes in order to produce a superior final product.

Therefore, at eMoon we provide:

Content / Developmental Edits; FICTION - read and note plot development, character development. NON-FICTION - Read and note flow, readability and perform a “big picture” edit.

Copy Edits: spelling, grammar, formatting, typos, continuity errors, etc. 

Proofreads: catch small problems. Proofing usually happens before manuscripts head to print.

Emoon will do its best to return your manuscript within 1-2 months. Contact an eMoon editor today!


Paperback / Hardback Book Publishing

You may be a traditionalist. The kind of person who relishes the many titles which line your bookshelf, like little paper trophies. Or you may be someone who simply enjoys the tangible feature of a written achievement - a physical item to sell, keep, or lend to another. Whatever kind of person you are, look no further! Electric Moon is here to help you succeed on your publishing journey.

Emoon uses printers who specialize in offset and high quality digital printing for its paperback and hardback books. The end product is cleaner and more refined with a higher quality binding and overall resolution. Offset may take longer, but is worth the wait.

Contact us today for a free paper publishing quote good for 30-days.

Electronic Book Publishing

Ebooks are popular for various reasons. One being that each publication is eco-friendly. No trees are destroyed in the manufacture of an eBook. But environmental friendliness is not the only reason authors toss their chips toward ePublishing.

Here are some of the high points of ePublishing with Electric Moon:

  • We can have your eBook available for purchase in as little as 1-2 weeks
  • Your book can be as long or as short as you think it should be
  • You have much greater control over the book's content and title than you would with a traditional publisher
  • You receive a FREE .epub and .mobi file with each book! These files are a valuable asset for the author who can give away or sell the title to readers around the world.
  • And the best reason of all: After distribution costs, you will receive 100% of the proceeds from the sale of each book! Traditional publishers start at 16-18%. That's right - you get 100% of the net profit each time your book sells.

The process to publish, whether a paperback, hardback or an eBook, is simple.

  1. Contact an eMoon associate
  2. Submit the first 15 pages of your manuscript for review
  3. If your book fits our publishing needs, you will receive approval within a few weeks 
  4. We'll send you a contract - sign it!
  5. Choose your services and send payment
  6. The process begins quickly with an eMoon associate as your personal liaison

Cover Designs


Electric Moon supports a talented staff of graphic designers who come armed with education as well as experience in the field of cover art. We specialize in the creation of images that suit your tastes and enhance the marketability of your written work.

Whether you are in need of a sole cover for an eBook or the paper publishing trifecta - cover, spine and back - eMoon is able to meet your needs.

You may have a photo or image you possess that you would like to apply to the cover - great! We can work with images you own or use our stock photos. Either way, contact us for more details. We would love to discuss your cover design plans!

“...the eMoon team always strives for excellence in their design and service—
four book covers and counting!”
— Michael Stamp, author of "No Other Name," "For the Goddess," Finding Mr. Christ," and "The Boy, the Man & the Tower"


Typesetting is the process of specifically setting a manuscript for print. The result is a beautifully paper printed document.

Electric moon employs experienced typesetters that enjoy not only the challenge, but the opportunity to add flair and creativity to your personal written work.

Since eMoon is an "author-friendly publishing place," if we typeset your document, you are welcome to take your print-ready manuscript to another printer. Although we would absolutely prefer you print with us, we promote the freedom in self-publishing and encourage the author first.

Contact an Electric Moon typesetter today to discuss how we can help in this important step on your journey toward paper publishing.


  Photo by Rafal Olkis/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by Rafal Olkis/iStock / Getty Images

Marketing can often be the nemesis of the self-published author. Emoon understands firsthand and offers assistance in the setup and implementation of marketing plans for upcoming and established authors.

  • professional marketing sales sheets
  • press release
  • banner creation for book signings
  • paperback distribution assistance: Amazon, Ingram, CBD, etc.
  • eBook distribution assistance: Amazon, Apple, B&N, Kobo, etc.

Chat with an Electric Moon associate today about marketing strategies and peruse our list of articles for quick advice.


Social Media Marketing

Marketing through social networks is a proven and effective method to spread the news about your title. Therefore, Electric Moon is prepared to help our authors harness this astonishing advertising power.

We are happy to present an extensive list of social media marketing services. These can be selected a la carte, or as a total package for weekly and monthly rates. With the exception of marketing through eMoon's YouTube channel, all services will be performed via YOUR accounts--your website, your email, your Instagram and your Facebook, which makes for a seamless transition from you to us then back to you.

All services are typically performed one to three times per week unless otherwise mentioned.
  • Minor website updates (post upcoming events on calendar, update any book listings, etc.) 
  • Original blog post (approx. 500 words) 
  • Content writing for advertisements 
  • Custom social media graphic (1 graphic/month) 
  • Operation and updating of client's contact list for email blasts 
  • Originate email blast 
  • Monitor Instagram & Twitter account: includes tweeting/posting pictures and seeking relevant followers
  • Manage Google+ & LinkedIn accounts 
  • Manage Facebook presence 
  • Assist in managing client’s YouTube channel or special promotion using eMoon’s YouTube channel
  • Press release (1x/project)
  • Social book submissions to places like Goodreads and Wattpad 
  • Contest creation/management: Emoon will use Amazon and other entities to offer giveaways for liking your FB page, following your Twitter account or signing up for your email list

After contracting a month of social media marketing through eMoon, authors are welcome to ask the eMoon team to provide them with a tutorial on managing their accounts. Ask an Electric Moon associate for pricing details.

Manuscript Review

If you are an author ready to pursue publishing, Electric Moon's team of editors will happily review the first 15 pages of your manuscript for free. Our reviews will include a typed 1-2 page critique upon which we will offer suggestions for developmental and line edits, as well as advice on the future of your work.

Discuss the submission of your manuscript with an eMoon associate today!