There is so much joy in receiving a beautifully wrapped gift. This is how I see the package Electric Moon has to offer, a gift of talented and caring individuals, publisher, illustrator and editor all wrapped into one package. Technology is not a strength for me and their patient assistance was gracious and timely in producing my first book. I plan to continue this relationship as I move forward with another publication.
— Rogene McPherson, author of "Meet Me at the Manger: The Fruit of the Spirit and the Cuddly Critters"
JourneyInFaith CVR (1)10.19.jpg
Electric Moon has set the bar. When I first started the process of writing and going in to publishing I had no idea what to expect. At first I thought it would be a piece of cake, but learned quickly that this would be a challenge and take me on an emotional ride. I am so thankful to Laree and all who work with her for the patience they had with me and the compassion they felt for me. EMoon has made publishing enjoyable and they have taught me so much. On top of all that, the team was willing to stop and just pray with me over my words and heart for the project we did together. It’s a blessing to know that there are publishing companies that stand on the Word of God.
Thank you, Electric Moon and partners.
— Tara DeMaris, President of Titus II Woman Ministry, speaker, and co-author of "Journey in Faith: Embracing the Unknown"
“You (Laree) and your team have been amazing—really! It has been a HUGE blessing knowing you and being involved with EMoon. Knowing I can trust you implicitly has been so freeing. There were so many times in this process I would have given up if I would have been on my own ! (Things like making the book beautiful, editing help, CreateSpace, the Cover, etc, etc, etc!!) You and your team are such an answer to prayer for me. Thanks again—I can’t gush enough over what you’ve helped me to accomplish.”
— Miranda Sherman, educator, author, speaker, nutritional therapist, neurofeedback specialist and the Weston A. Price chapter leader for Omaha, NE.
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...My experience in working with Laree Lindburg and her team has been very positive. I had formally met Laree on a mission trip to Brazil in 2011. She struck me as a very fine person, caring and personable. My wife and I had a good time with her and others on our journey...

In 2014, I noticed on a LinkedIn, “do you know this person” popup, that Laree was an editor. We never really discussed this in Brazil, so I called her and asked her about what she did as an editor. We decided to meet up and discuss what I was writing. After that, we formed a partnership to help me get from where I was to completion and publication of the book called Walk This Way, Walk His Way. Throughout the process, I believe Laree challenged me as an editor to more clearly deliver my message. I told her, that I was very open to feedback and throughout the process, we made significant changes to the way the message was being delivered without any negative impact to the points I was trying to get across. The message remained the same, in the spirit of the author, but the delivery was much improved.

The material went from difficult to flowing and much more readable. Towards the end, I was still unsettled about some of the way things were coming together and she worked very hard with me to get where I felt comfortable with the message delivery. It was a win-win working relationship and I have great respect for what she did for me and with me to get the book to publication. I know, in my heart, that if I had not hired her, I would still not be published and would not have got to the finish line. She provided me the polite push that I needed to finish the task I was called to start in 2000. She was a God send!
— Kevin Shoemaker, chemical engineer, consultant, and author of "Walk This Way, Walk His Way: Effectiveness Through the Greatest Commandment"
“Emoon has been the perfect fit for me. They allow me to retain the rights to my books, have some control in the process, and they put out a wonderful product that I’m excited to share with my readers.”
— Jill Hart, Christian Life & Business Coach, and President of CWAHM
The team at eMoon is first class. Their work is high quality and they are wonderful to deal with!
— Adam Toler, Owner, Dust Jacket Press
“...the eMoon team always strives for excellence in their design and service—
four book covers and counting!”
— Michael Stamp, author of "No Other Name," "For the Goddess," Finding Mr. Christ," and "The Boy, the Man & the Tower"
In 2008 Dan Penwell put his stamp of approval on my book, “Capsules of Hope: Survival Guide for Caregivers.” His comment, “My company can’t publish your book, but it needs to be out there. Go home and self-publish.” I did. I stumbled, lost sleep and cried through the process of using But eventually, I did publish the book.

When I heard Laree Lindburg of Emoon Publishing might help me go from print to Ebook, I called her. I knew Laree from her longtime membership in Wordsowers Christian Writers and our working together in our Wordsowers critique group. I trusted her and her judgement. Imagine my thrill when she accepted my files and within days moved my book, “Capsules of Hope: Survival Guide for Caregivers” from print to Ebook.

I’ve learned the hard way that every writer may not be equipped to do more than write the book. I recommend EMoon Publishing to help you get your project into both print and Ebook. Contact EMoon Publishing today, don’t wait. A big thanks to Laree and EMoon Publishing for all your support and help!

Side note: EMoon Publishing sponsored the fourth Wordsowers Christian Writers Conference and will be represented at the conference April 29-30, 2016 at LifeSpring Church in Bellevue, NE.
— Author Katherine J. Crawford, better known as the Lionhearted Kat.