Your Brand Is Calling (Part 2 of 2)


Three ways brands are built:

  1. All the words you use in communication and web
  2. Every image you publish
  3. Every action you take (Books or resources you create, and events you produce)

Take a look at your current website, social media. Have you ever considered the connection between your calling and your brand? Are you challenged by these two concepts, as they apply to living your dream? 

Intentionally building a personal brand doesn’t have to feel like an exercise in arrogance. But the process can be uncomfortable because it involves putting yourself under a microscope.

First, Let’s talk about the “why” – our motivation for launching a brand. If you’re interested in launching your dream project, or dream life, it’s likely you’re motivated to make changes or start over at some level, right? You want to become a truer version of yourself. 

The desire to reflect your particular talents, and connect with others who value your gifts, is about more than money, isn’t it? So, what’s your why? Why do you want to launch a new brand, business, nonprofit, or career? Can you articulate the core desires that drive you?

Your future audience needs to know.

Will you believe?

The process of communicating your calling involves faith. Actually believing in the unique way God wired you affects not only your personal goals, but the daily choices you make and the risks you’re willing to take.

Do you desire to make a living by doing what you love? Are you interested in working with the people you’re energized to connect with? And live in the places you feel most alive?

All of us share one common calling – to be ourselves. But we often doubt how our personal weirdness and deep desires can really be connected to our work and our future. But they are.

Enter for a chance to win Mike's book! Use our contact form on this website or "Share" and "Like" our posts on social media.

Enter for a chance to win Mike's book! Use our contact form on this website or "Share" and "Like" our posts on social media.

If you believe, or simply have a hunch, you’re called to a certain line of work, you’ll invest time, energy, and resources to develop the skills necessary to attain your goal.

For example, if you are called to write, you’ll take steps to learn the craft, and at some point, let others know you’re a writer—even before you get paid to write!

We might not know everything about our calling, but we can articulate what we do know about the value we provide. Start articulating your unique value to the world, and build your personal brand.

Mike Loomis helps people launch their dream projects and books. Since starting and selling two businesses, he has been strategic partner to bestselling authors, non-profits, publishers as well as startups, and aspiring messengers. He and his wife live in the mountains of Colorado with their pet moose. www.MikeLoomis.CO.