You've landed on the moon; an Electric Moon.


Electric Moon Publishing is looking for new, fresh voices in fiction and nonfiction, as well as established indie authors who want to branch out into areas their current publisher is, perhaps, a little reluctant to explore.

  • We want adventures that welcome us into the action
  • We want romances that capture our hearts
  • We want insights into Scripture that make our souls feel strangely warm
  • We want to be inspired by personal experiences and motivated by experts
  • We want mysteries that prick our senses and intrigue our intellect
  • We want stories that make it hard to stop reading

Have you written that book?

If the answer is "yes," do you have a manuscript - fiction or nonfiction - you are ready to share with readers around the world?

Will it inspire, encourage, and motivate?

Then you are ready to publish through Electric Moon!


  Photo by Dirima/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by Dirima/iStock / Getty Images

  Photo by worac/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by worac/iStock / Getty Images


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